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Liposuction Tummytuck Pittsburgh -Summary

PITTSBURGH is a hub for various pittsburgh plastic surgeons University of Pittsburgh is a state of the art institute where lots of areas of research is being conducted including cosmetic surgery. In this article we will compare and summarise, In this section we can talk about tummy tuck and liposuction pittsburgh pa.

Tummy tuck has gained huge popularity in modern times. One common question asked by pregnant women is, How to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks, or How to get rid of loose skin due to pregnancy. Many times improper rapid loss of weight can also portray in a similar manner. Tummy tuck is commonly recommended for such conditions.

Fatty tissue, the loose hanging skin and the pregnancy stretch marks present on the lower abdomen are incised removed and the muscles below the fat are made firm. This is ordinarily done by absorbable sutures. While this procedure can be effective, earlier scars or pregnancies following tummy tuck could minimise the success of the surgical operation.

A single cut is made over the pubic area and the skin lifted and muscles are sutured close together, tightening the muscles. null The excess skin & fat are incised.

In a full tummy tuck, 2 incisions, the first one extending from side to side at the lower abdomen above the pubic area, and the second one around the navel (belly button area). The skin is lifted up as in partial tummy tuck, fat deposits removed, muscles pulled together and excess skin and fat removed.It should be remembered that Tummy tuck is not a treatment for obesity

Ocasinally drains are located to suck off excess fluid retained. After the surgery a scar may be present depending on how good the surgeon is and other factors such as age, healing etc. Tightening girdle like cloth or garb is recommeneded to allow healing.

People can start work within three weeks & regularly eight weeks for a complete recovery.

Liposuction tummy- is a commonly performed procedure. null Lidocaine, saline and an epinephrine is injected into the abdomen, which helps constrict the blood vessels. It also assists in detaching the fat from the rest of the tissues. Using a suction tube like canula, fat deposits are separated from the underlying tissues and sucked. As the tube like structures are thin, very few or hardly any sutures if needed will be used. Pittsburgh has several world class pittsburgh plastic surgery, clinics and hospitals where these procedures can be performed.

Common to all the liposuction procedures:

Thigh liposuction

incision is given on the outer sides of the thigh.

Liposuction in the neck area:

a small incision is given just below the chin.

Liposuction suction of buttocks:

incision is given on the cheeks of the bosoms.

Arm liposuction

Same operation as described above with the incisions through the inside of the arm closer to the under arm.

There is also Thighlift,

Where surplus skin, fat and tissues are excised and tissues pulled together to give a firmer appearance.

Arm lift

In an arm lift or brachioplasty, the loosened skin and fat tissue, especially the underarm is removed and rest of the tissue is tightened.

Body contouring

In a total body contouring operation, the excess body fat and skin from the required areas are removed and the underlying tissues and muscles are tightened to achieve a well contoured body.

A compression garb or clothing is required for 2-6 weeks to promote healing and prevent any swelling or fluid collection.

1-2 weeks to resume work and 4-6 weeks for complete recovery. Complete results are normally oberved by three mnths.

It has to be noted that Liposuction is not helpful for cellulite. plastic surgery-surgeons.cosmetic physicians-plastic surgery.

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  1. A Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a procedure that is used to create a firmer flatter abdomen. It is common for excess fat and loose sagging skin to develop as a result of aging, weight gain or loss, childbirth, and heredity. For some people the abdomen protrudes despite dieting and exercise.