Friday, July 23, 2010

Face Plastic surgery Pittsburgh- A perspective

Is it possible to get a great cheek bone face?

Interest for pittsburgh plastic surgeons has increased in the recent times. A report in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® (PRS), the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), found that as we age, the lower jaw continues to grow, creating a more square jaw line, eventually making people appear older.

This work showed that the build of the lower jaw plays an major role in the perception of youth and can be a tell-tale sign of someone’s age. Sphere-shaped and small jawlines are believed to give a younger look.

The authors studied radiographic images of sixteen subjects (eight males and eight women) taken at youth (mean age 16 years old) and maturity (mean age 56 years old). That report indicated that the lower jaw grew squared shaped with age.

This made the cosmetic doctors try to append tissue over the cheek bones to give a smaller lower jaw.

More than 104,000 facelifts were performed in 2006, according to ASPS statistics. Breast augmentation pittsburgh plastic surgeon is a site that could be of an interest.

Cheeks are considered an significant part of the youth and beauty. Cushioning the cheek area also improves bulk loss under the eyes. In plastic surgery, both lifting as well as adding volume can be persued. Restoring volume to deep cheek fat will affect other areas of the face helping better treat facial aging.

In a cadaver work, dye was injected to study the areas of the cheek compartmment to better know the structure of the face to be modified. Latex injected in the different compartments helped discover the underneath areas of the face- the muscles, bones and fatty tissue. Three additional fat compartments in the face were also identified in this survey.

Bulk loss to the deeper cheek fat gives hollowing to the face. That study showed deeper facial fat when lost could gived an aged look, Volumizing the deeper cheek areas helped hollowing the face and gave a youthful appearance. Finally, when the injection was done correctly into the fat compartment, a smaller volume of fat or filler was needed, the work noted.

The work authors concluded that many other compartments of fat remain to be identified in the face and human body. This and similar studies showed adding bulk to certain face compartments resulted in better youthful look.

Cheek implants have been increacing lately, In 2007 about 7000+ such face plastic surgeries were conducted. Not only that, about 40,000+ fat injections and more than a million hyaluronic acid face filler cosmetic surgeries are being conducted per year.

One approach is by cheek implant surgery to get high cheek bones. People who yearn to have prominent cheek contour and have facial asymmetry are normal candidates for face cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic surgery is ordinarily conducted as an outpatient operation with local or general anesthesia. An incision is mostly made under the upper lip and the implant located over the bone.

In addition to surgical procedures, non-surgical plastic procedures can also be conducted. Cosmetic dermal fillers include collagen, hyaluronic acid, fat and other substances. Facial injectable fillers add volume to areas and regions thus giving a good desired contour.cosmetic plastic surgery-surgeons pittsburgh.cosmetic surgical procedures.

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